Iris - Greek Goddess of the Rainbow

One Square, Unlimited Options

Seona Roberts - the Hooked on Crochet Club

You'll never be stuck for a pattern for your Lola yarn again! This square has been designed for BelleMae Yarns 3rd birthday Lola's and to unleash the designer in you! Whether you want to make a single square and keep making it bigger, or make multiple squares to join, this pattern has you covered.


One Square, Unlimited Options

This pattern contains all that you need to create your next favourite project.


I've spent years writing procedures and these skills have transferred to my patterns. You'll find the instructions easy to follow, and if you do have some difficulties, there is a video and picture guide to help you.

US and UK Terms

This pattern contains instructions for both US and UK Terms. That means you don't have to translate them into the language that you know or prefer.


Each round of the square has a picture guide for you to reference. No more wondering if you followed the instructions correctly, you can just compare your work to the image.


I know that not everyone can follow a written pattern so I've created a video tutorial for you. Each round is shown in step by step instructions. These are broken into chapters so that you can skip ahead to the part you need help with.


Haven't made anything with the V-Stitch or Popcorn stitch before? No fear! This pattern includes written instructions for every single stitch, including the basic ones.


Not everyone enjoys making individual squares and joining them. This square has been designed so that you can continue on to make it any size that you want to. If you do love joining squares, then you have unlimited options for what you can create.

Ready to create something amazing with Iris and your Lola yarn?


“...great step by step instructions that are clear and easy to follow and we can adapt if we want...”


For All Skill Levels

Whether you're a beginner with crochet or more advanced with your skills, you will love this pattern. It comes with complete written instructions in both US and UK terms. It also includes the stitch instructions for each stitch, a picture guide for each round and a video tutorial to guide you.

Unlimited options.

This square was designed to enable you to have unlimited options. Don't like to cut your Lola? That's ok. The square is designed to allow you to keep on making it bigger to any size you want. Love to make squares and want to create something different? Awesome! You can make the squares to any size you want, join them in any order and any layout. You will never be stuck for options. Don't want to use a Lola? That's ok too! Raid your stash and work with which ever yarn you prefer.

A Word From the Designer

“I love a Lola, I love making squares and I love to help other crocheters gain confidence and increase their creativity. I have designed this pattern to do all of those things. and I look forward to seeing what you create from my square.

This pattern has been named Iris for a number of reasons. It fits with the BelleMae Yarns birthday Lolas for which she was originally designed for. Plus those of you that know Lola will know that she comes in all colours of the rainbow. And, one of my great Grandmothers was called Iris. It just made sense to name this square Iris too!”


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