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One of the biggest struggles crocheters face is not being able to read patterns. This holds them back from trying new stitches and patterns and they get stuck making the same projects over and over again or trawling YouTube for a video for what they want to make.

That all changes with the SQUARE A DAY CHALLENGE!

13th - 17th June

P.S. Did I mention it's 100% free?

5 squares. 5 days.

5 opportunities to learn something new...AND It's FREE!

A New Square Each Day

Each day we'll provide you with a new square. They're all 5 rounds and suitable for a beginner and up. We'll start with the most basic and add a new square which needs a new skill each day. And if you can't read a pattern, don't worry because we'll give you a video too and guide you through reading the pattern!

Make Time for You 

We're all busy and we're usually the last person we care for each day. It's time to challenge yourself to do differently for 5 days. It's time to set aside some time each day for just you, your hook and your yarn.

Learn New Skills

A square is a great way to learn new skills! Whether it's a new stitch, reading a pattern or playing with new yarn. Making a single square is the perfect project to test things out.

Be Part of a Community 

It might only be a 5 day challenge, but you'll be surrounded with other crocheters in a private facebook group who will "get you". You'll be free to share as much crochet talk as you like because we'll all understand.

Be Inspired!

We'll provide you with project ideas for each square and you'll see what everyone else does with the same square each day. No two squares will be the same and you'll be filled with new ideas!

What have past participants achieved from the Square a Day Challenge?

My tension really improved - Chantal

First time reading a graphic pattern - Vennila

I didn't know how to read a chart before...And I made a square- Donna

Reading patterns, learning new stitches - Karen

I've gotten better at reading and following a pattern. Loved learning the new squares - Alex

I have learned how to read patterns now. - Kez


Who's behind this challenge?

My name is Seona and I am a self-confessed crochet addict dedicated to helping other crocheters learn and love crochet. I taught myself to crochet in honour of my Grannie and it has lead me to create the Hooked on Crochet Club. I have enough yarn to see me crocheting beyond this lifetime and I do what I can to work my way through it.

I crochet every single day and I have learned that I am a much nicer person when I do. There is nothing that brings calm like the rhythm of the hook and the yarn. I'm a believer of keeping it simple. And I love to pass on my skills because I want everyone to love crochet as much as I do!

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Square a Day Challenge?

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13th - 17th June

I can't wait to see your new squares each day!

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Need more convincing?

We know you'll love the challenge, so here's a summary of what you'll get...

5 Patterns and 5 Tutorials Included!

That's right. Each day you'll receive a new pattern for a new square and a tutorial for how to make it.

A Supportive Community

For the entire challenge you'll be part of a private facebook group filled with other crocheters, all supporting and cheering each other on.

Learn something new!

5 days and 5 opportunities to learn something new like how to read patterns, master new stitches.