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Teach Yourself to Crochet in Five Days with Just One Granny Square a Day...

(Even if You've Tried to Learn & Failed Before)

Join the WORLDS ONLY Square a Day Challenge Designed to Teach You How to Crochet.

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06th - 10th February

Find Your New Craft! One That Brings You More Benefits Than You Could Imagine.

We want YOU to learn to crochet so we're providing you with (almost) everything that you need.

Most people that have failed to learn to crochet have not started with the basics and built up. Or they haven't learned in a community of people all learning the same thing at the same time.

In this challenge we'll provide you with the lessons, guidance & community that you need to ensure you have the greatest chance at succeeding.

All you need to provide is the Hook, the Yarn and the willingness to participate and learn!

We're here to help you learn.

Even if you've tried to crochet before and failed.

Start from the Basics

Most people fail to learn crochet because they don't start with the basics. We'll start from the very beginning and build up from there.

Learn in a Community

You'll be more likely to succeed when you're in an online community that are all there to encourage and support you and cheer you on.

Step by Step Videos

Suited to all learning styles! Step by Step video tutorials, pictures and words are provided for each square and for every single stitch you need.

5 squares. 5 days. $5.

$155 in Value for $5

5 opportunities to learn something new...


A New Square Each Day

A square is a great way to learn new skills and it's a small project so it is less overwhelming! Whether it's learning to crochet from scratch, a new stitch, reading a pattern or playing with new yarn, we've got you covered. Making a single square is the perfect project to test things out.

Make Time for You 

We're all busy and we're usually the last person we care for each day. Too often we spend our day at work, running around after kids and others to fall exhausted with no time for ourselves. It's time to challenge yourself to do differently for 5 days. It's time to set aside 30 minutes each day for just you, your hook and your yarn.

Learn in a Unique Environment

You've probably tried learning off YouTube - who hasn't?! But you don't have time to search for everything that you need to truly succeed. We provide you with all that you need and a learning portal that makes things easier to find. Plus you have direct access to an accredited crochet teacher! Learning online has never been easier & you can learn at your own pace!

Be Part of a Community 

It might only be a 5 day challenge, but you'll be surrounded with other crocheters in a private facebook group who will be there to support you and "get you". You'll be in a safe place to learn and grow and have others to turn to for help.

Find your New Craft

There is a reason that crochet is still so popular after decades and decades. And as a busy person it is the perfect craft for you. Once you start to feel what "all the fuss is about" you'll want to take your crochet everywhere with you! And the best part is - you actually can and you will struggle to ever be bored again. All those hours sitting waiting for kids at sport or at appointments will all become opportunities for you to make time for you and your craft.

What have past participants achieved from the Square a Day Challenge?

Never been able to do a granny square - Jane

I've only gone and done it - Nikki

Made me realise I can read the charts to follow a pattern- Mary

I completed my first ever granny square...after years of not being able to get the hang of crochet - Debi

I loved every minute of doing them and am now a lot more confident in my ability to progress further - Joyce

I really loved learning these Granny Squares - Katherine

5 squares. 5 days. $5.

$155 in Value for $5

5 opportunities to learn something new...



Who's behind this challenge?

My name is Seona and I am your Crochet Mentor and a self-confessed crochet addict dedicated to helping other crocheters learn and love crochet. I taught myself to crochet in honour of my Grannie and it has lead me to create the Hooked on Crochet Club. I have enough yarn to see me crocheting beyond this lifetime and I do what I can to work my way through it.

I crochet every single day and I have learned that I am a much nicer person when I do. There is nothing that brings calm like the rhythm of the hook and the yarn. I'm a believer of keeping it simple. And I love to pass on my skills because I want everyone to love crochet as much as I do!

Ready for the

Square a Day Challenge?

$155 in Value and It's ONLY $5!

06th -10th February

I can't wait for you to learn to crochet!

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This challenge is for you if...

You've Tried Crochet and Failed Before!

This time will be different. You'll be provided with all the lessons you need to help you learn - starting with the basics. You'll be learning in a group with others all learning the same thing as you. And we cater to all learning styles because everyone learns differently.

You Don't Have Time for You.

If you think you don't have time to learn or do something for you, then you really do need this challenge! You are important and we'll help you to find space in your day, just for you, for 5 days so that you can learn to crochet. It's time to prioritise you.

You Don't Know Where to Start.

Learning a new craft is overwhelming. There are so many tools and tricks and things to know. And the jargon! But don't worry. We'll guide you through everything that you need, including the tools, and if there is anything that you don't understand or isn't clear, just ask! We're always happy to help.

You've Always Wanted to Crochet But Keep Putting it Off.

You're always going to be busy. That's life! So now is as good a time as any to start learning to crochet. You can thank us after...

You Love to Learn and Learn in Your Own Time.

We all have different commitments that are taking up our time. We all have different learning styles and learn at a different pace. This challenge allows you to learn when you want, where you want and at your own pace.

You Want to be Part of a Community Learning Together.

How many people do you know that crochet? Chances are that you don't know anyone, or the people you do know aren't always available to help you. This challenge is all online and we're all in a private facebook group learning together. There is power in learning together.

5 squares. 5 days. $5.

$155 in Value for $5

5 opportunities to learn something new...


We've Helped Hundreds of Women JUST LIKE YOU Learn to Crochet!

Deb is left handed and learned to crochet in the challenge!

Cheryl finished 3 of the 5 squares and felt a sense of achievement!

Debbie couldn't read a pattern or crochet a granny square before starting!

Leslie picked up a hook for the first time for the challenge!

Pauline hadn't crocheted before the challenge started!

Kate learned how to crochet again!

Need more convincing?

We know you'll love the challenge, so here's a summary of what you'll get...

5 Patterns and 5 Tutorials Included!

That's right. Each day you'll receive a new pattern for a new square and a tutorial for how to make it. Each day builds on from what you learned the day before.

A Supportive Community

For the entire challenge you'll be part of a private facebook group filled with other crocheters, all supporting and cheering each other on.

Time for YOU without the guilt!

Crochet is calming. This challenge is an oppportunity for you to make time for you each day for 5 days. You'll be encouraged to fill your cup every day doing something for you.

5 squares. 5 days. $5.

$155 in Value for $5

5 opportunities to learn something new...


Here's What You Get...

When you join the Square a Day Challenge.

5 Patterns for 5 Squares

VALUE: $25

Each pattern comes with:

  • Detailed written instructions in both US and UK terms
  • Chart of the square
  • Round by Round Picture Guide
  • Written instructions for every stitch

5 Pre-Recorded Video Tutorials

VALUE: $50

Each square comes with a pre-recorded video tutorial showing you how to make each round.

You'll have access to these in our learning portal.

Stitch Tutorials for Every Stitch

VALUE: $80

Every single stitch you need to know comes with it's own tutorial.

Each tutorial has a step by step written guide, picture guide AND video tutorial.

That's $155 in Value!

But You Won't Pay That When You Join the Challenge TODAY.

You Get Everything for ONLY $5!

Imagine - This Could be YOU When I ask

"What can you do now that you couldn't before you started this challenge?"...


Can I do this if I have never crocheted before?

YES! This challenge is designed just for you. You'll be provided with all the tutorials that you need as well as our Beginners Guide to help get you started.

What if I don't have facebook? Can I still join?

YES! You won't get the full community experience, but everything you need is provided in a dedicated learning portal.

What if I don't have time?

You're busy. I get it. I'm a business owner, Quality Director in a corporate job, mum to 3 adult children and numerous furry and feathered friends and I used to be a foster mum. I know the importance of making time for me and I will help you find more time for you for these 5 days. Ideally you will need to find 30 minutes to one hour each day that you can dedicate to learning. If you still don't find the time, that's ok because you'll have life-time access to all the patterns and tutorials.

Is my fee refundable?

YES! You can claim a refund, no questions asked any time from when you purchase until the last day of the challenge if it wasn't what you expected.